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PROJECT: Renovation of existing


LOCATION: Athens, Greece

FLOOR AREA: 140 m2


YEAR: 2016

DESIGN -                   

CONSTRUCTION: km architecture studio

PHOTOS: A. Glykas

This is a typical apartment housed in a 1980s Athenian polykatoikia. The tenants, settled here 15 years now, desire to fully renovate it and convert it into a modern lifestyle apartment with the least possible interventions.

The challenge in this project lay in creating a modern accommodation space, while no major alterations could be made in the original space arrangement. 

The concept here is to approach each room as having a singular character. Potential arrangements should be drawn within the bounds of each and every room. 

The design features two bedrooms, a dressing room, a guestroom, a master bathroom, while a long narrow living room should be divided into separate functions (dining area, relaxing area, TV area). Keeping two of the existing bedrooms (the large one as a master), the third bedroom was converted into a cozy guestroom (including a suspended sleeping area and a smart storage space arrangement), while a dressing room (perceived as a walk-in closet) replaced a room of non-clear use. After the proper wall demolitions bath and wc were merged into a master bathroom.

Emphasis was given on uniting or separating areas by using identical or different materials, colour shades or combinations, major or minor lighting solutions. As the dominant project’s material, timber elements appear in diverse forms and finishes (flooring material, bathroom ceiling, wall-surfaces cladding in dressing-room, bespoke furniture in bedrooms, suspended sleeping space along with desk and shelving system in guestroom).

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