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Ama Lachei at Nefeli's


Interior Design

ΛΟΚΑΛ 15.jpg
local 337
Ancho Mexican Grill II

Project Details

project:                       transformation of existing                                                   facility to a restaurant

location:                     Athens, Greece

floor area:                  500 m2

                                      400 m2 (courtyard)

status:                         built

year:                            2013, 2017

design .

construction:             km architecture studio

artwork (wall-cut):  teokon design

photos:                       Lef Tetris, B. Giritziotis



This listed two-storey building, located in a historic neighbourhood of Athens center, dates from late 19th century and was initially designed and functioned (until 1981) as an elementary school. The project involved the renovation of the restaurant, which was established here in the mid 1980s. 

The concept was to preserve and highlight the architectural style and the original interior arrangement of the building, along with the unique courtyard (rarely encountered in buildings of Athens centre).

It is the building’s simplicity of geometric form, the distinctive interior space (wide and tall classrooms separated by impressive doors) and the courtyard’s imposing size that implement the quality of intervention, which focuses mainly on removing any additions or alterations and maintaining characteristic elements of the original ...

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