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All-Day Bar

Interior Design

IMG_7175 S.jpg
Apartment in Gkyzi
Ama Lachei at Nefeli's

Project Details

project:                    transformation of existing                                                    facility to a bar

location:                  Patissia, Athens, Greece

floor area:               70 m2

status:                      built

year:                         2018

design .

construction:         km architecture studio

photos:                    Apollonas Glykas




This project consisted in renovating an existing café-bar located on the ground level of the ’Chara’ apartment complex. The building, an example of Athenian modernism, dates from 1958 and was designed by architects Ach. Spanos and Ηip. Papaeliopoulos, in a historic residential area of Athens.

The aim was to remodel the inner space so that all areas (apart from the bar service area) and flows to be redefined. Along with that, it was asked to design a well-defined exterior space. 

The solution adopted for the interior was to elevate part of the floor plan so as to create two separate areas for the customers (lounge area - standing area) and a plain movement zone. 

The lounge area is perceived as a distinctive ’box’ in the space (well-defined by ...

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