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House in Anavyssos

Interior Design

Ancho Mexican Grill I
Ancho Mexican Grill II

Project Details

project:                    renovation of existing


location:                  Anavyssos, Attika, Greece

floor area:               163 m2

status:                      built

year:                         2014

design .                   

construction:         km architecture studio

photos:                    Apollonas Glykas

press:                       Kataskeves Ktirion



Recently reconstructed, this two-storey summer residence was deprived of a well-designed character. 

Aim of the project is to remodel the open-plan living, dining room and entrance area. Along with that, exterior arrangement should be redefined. The approach seeks to add character to the residence with simple interventions.

The solution adopted for the interior was to separate or unite the functions using furnishing or lighting elements. In the living room (placed at a lower position than dining-room and entrance area), the 50 cm-high step dividing living-and dining room was converted into a bespoke bench. Specific spots were lighted in order to indicate the transition between different areas or highlight special features.

The exterior space was designed creating separate functions  ...

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