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House in Spetses


Ancho Mexican Grill III

Project Details

project:                      rehabilitation of historic


location:                    Spetses, Greece

floor area:                 155 m2

status:                        preliminary design

year:                            2010

design:                       km architecture studio

principal architect: Eleni Katsari



The project involves the reconstruction of a late 1920s two-storey residence with a courtyard in ​​the historic town of Spetses.

The aim was to adapt the residence to the demands of a modern lifestyle with the least possible intervention. Taking into account that the residence is situated in a listed area, the approach was to deliver a project which complements the built environment and the characteristic features of the site. 

As the residence is well-maintained, the proposal involved targeted interventions on specific areas: renovation of wet areas, restoration of facades, repair of certain damages, installations of new electromechanical networks, removal of any additions that altered the original design.

Emphasis was given on the revival of the courtyard as a main feature of the island’s architectural style.

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